• At the forefront of the fight to protect our water resources for over 40 years

    About Us

The Problem

Our Nations’s water resources are under increasing threat. Invasive aquatic weeds alter ecosystems and impact beneficial uses. Harmful Algae Blooms are occurring on a more regular basis. Potable water reservoirs cannot be used.

The Solution

Our scientists have the knowledge and tools to assess your lake’s issues and take corrective action.

The Tool Box

We strive to bring state of the art solutions to the water quality problems our clients face

How We Do It

Over the 40 plus years we have been doing this work, our scientists have been at the forefront of the fight to protect our water resources.  We continually invest in people and ongoing education.  We have a history of bringing new technology to the fight to combat Harmful Algae Blooms and Invasive Aquatic Species.  We invest in the equipment necessary to get simple to complex jobs accomplished on time and on budget.  We use Adaptive Management to focus these assets toward dealing with whatever lake management issue you are facing.

Our Services

Aquatechnex team of aquatic biologists, fisheries managers, and Certified Lake Managers are trained and equipped to solve complex water quality problems.  We use an adaptive management model to guide our work.  Assessment and monitoring tools are used to identify and quantify problems.  We then go to our extensive toolbox to implement restorative processes.  Assessment and monitoring is used to track success and adjust the program as necessary.

Preservation Success Stories

After three years of trying different approaches with no success, we moved to Phoslock. We signed up for the 2 year program and the results after the first years application were very dramatic, no more blue-green algae and water clarity was amazing. Twin Lakes Home Owners Association highly recommends the use of Phoslock and the Aquatechnex team.

– Twin Lakes Homeowners Association Federal Way, WA

Our Partners

Expert Preservation of your Water Resources since 1976

Aquatechnex is a full-service lake and aquatic plant management firm that serves the Western United States.  Our expertise includes managing toxic algae blooms (HAB) and invasive aquatic species.  Our SePRO Pro Certification denotes that we demonstrate the highest commitment to water quality, know the rigors of maintaining top quality water bodies and have the solutions we need to face the toughest challenges