How we handle water quality monitoring

Our biologists are experts at rapidly assessing and correcting water quality monitoring and the problems we face. Our team invests heavily in state-of-the-art equipment to obtain the information necessary to build prescriptions and monitor results. These tools include:

    • Survey vessels equipped with onboard ArcGIS Mapping Software
    • Hydro-acoustic lake mapping systems
    • Unmanned remotely piloted data collection vessels
    • Trimble Submeter DGPS data logging receivers
    • InSitu multi-parameter water quality probes and data loggers
    • Abraxis algae toxin detection field meters
    • Aerial drone systems with water penetrating and hyperspectral camera systems
    • Underwater drones for survey and mapping
    • Remote real-time water quality measuring buoys with cloud support and desktop access

We are also partnered with the best laboratories in the country when additional laboratory support is necessary.