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Kyle Langan Qualifies as Certified Lake Manager (CLM)

Aquatechnex biologist Kyle Langan has completed the certification process of the North American Lake Management Society ( as a Certified Lake Manager. From the NALMS web site: The North American Lake Management Society’s mission is to forge partnerships among citizens, scientists, and professionals to foster the management and protection of lakes and reservoirs for today […]

Fish Killing Golden Algae Discovered In California

Aquatechnex biologists are diagnosing the first cases of Prymnesium parveum or Golden Algae at a couple of our projects in Southern California.  This species is a tiny one celled organism with two small “tails” that can be used to move through the water column.  It was discovered in Arizona in 2005 and we have not seen it […]

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Hydrilla and Associated Algae Growth Poisoning Bald Eagles

Here is another news story pointing out the impacts of cyanobacteria on the environment.  Bald Eagles have been dying at an alarming rate because of the toxin produced by this species of blue green algae.  

First Canyon Lake Treatments Yield Excellent Phosphorus Reduction Numbers

Canyon Lake has had water quality issues for a number of years and that landed the lake on the State list of impaired waters some years back.  Once on this list, the Clean Water Act requires planning and action to address the problems.  High levels of planktonic algae driven by high levels of nutrients such […]

EPA rule would expand permitting under the Clean Water Act, including Aquatic Herbicide Work

A report from the Environmental Protection Agency has a battle  brewing across the country as organizations and agencies react to the potential  regulatory outcome of its finalization. The preliminary draft report, titled “Connectivity of Streams and  Wetlands to Downstream Waters: A Review and Synthesis of the Scientific  Evidence” is currently under peer review “for comment on its […]

Blue Green Algae Toxins Killing Eagles in the Southeast

This past summer, we saw two papers presented at the national Aquatic Plant Management Society linking a species of blue green algae that grows on Hydrilla (a class A noxious weed) and the death of Eagles.  This species of algae grows on the Hydrilla that is infesting lakes and reservoirs throughout the Southeast.  Waterfowl such as American Coots […]

October Aquatic Plant Management Society Newsletter Available Here

Give this link a click to view the October Aquatic Plant Management Society Newsletter.  It has a message from our president, Mike Netherland.  There are also a number of stories and resources that would be of interest to readers of this website.  Thanks for your consideration.  Be sure to look at information on our next […]