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Journal Publishes Phosphorus Locking Paper

The Journal of Water, Air and Soil Pollution has published our submittal, “Operational Evaluation of Phoslock Phosphorus Locking Technology in Laguna Niguel, California”.  A copy of the abstract can be viewed at the journal site For a PDF of the article, contact us via email [email protected]  

As the Toxic Algae Season Starts, Let’s Remember We have a Solution

Anderson Lake in Jefferson County is suffering from it’s annual closure due to toxic algae blooms.  Cyanobacteria or Blue Green Algae have plagued this lake for decades and it is seldom safe to use this waterbody. There are a growing number of lakes we have restored using phosphorus sequestration technologies such as Phoslock.  These technologies […]

EPA Rule Change Could Cost Thousands, Please Read

EPA’s and the Army Corps of Engineer’s proposed rule would expand Clean Water Act jurisdiction to almost all waters in the United States, impacting how communities and landowners manage their public and private property using pesticide and fertilizer products.  Landowners will be subject to CWA provisions for permitting and will be vulnerable to citizen lawsuits […]

Experimental Lakes Area Needs Your Help

One of the premier research facilities in the world is the Experimental Lakes Area or ELA in Northwest Ontario.  This facility for 45 years was home to some of the cutting edge lake management research performed in the world.  The facility has a number of large lake systems where scientists can try different real world […]

Good Article on Results of Our Canyon Lake Project

      The Canyon Lake Newspaper has published a good article on our treatment program to sequester phosphorus and help improve water quality.  The article can be viewed at    

New Phoslock Case Study, Laguna Niguel

Aquatechnex has published a new case study highlighting the work we did at Laguna Niguel Lake this past year.  This lake has long suffered with excessive cyanobacteria blooms that have impacted the use of the park and the concessionaire’s operations.  This case study highlights our monitoring and the development of a Phoslock treatment program to […]

Canyon Lake TMDL Project Starting to Show Results

Aquatechnex biologists have been working under a contract for 2013-2015 to target and remove phosphorus from Canyon Lake in Southern California.  Canyon Lake is a 400 acre reservoir and recreational facility and has been impair by high levels of algae growth.  This resulted in the State setting targets to reduce phosphorus availability in the lake.  […]

Flowering Rush Symposium Presentations Available Here

This past February, the Rocky Mountain Invasive Plant Council hosted a Flowering Rush Symposium as part of their program in Spokane, WA.  Flowering Rush is rapidly colonizing portions of river systems in the Pacific Northwest and control of this species is not yet well understood.  This day long seminar provides excellent background and results of […]