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Milfoil Diver Seminar this Week in Sandpoint

AquaTechnex will be hosting a diver seminar for those interested in learning about the control of Eurasian Milfoil using this technology.  We were among the pioneers of this technique in the early 1980’s performing demonstration projects for the US Army Corps of Engineers Aquatic Plant Control Research program.  The objective of this seminar is to identify […]

Starting them Young

One of the major issues facing aquatic plant managers today is the lack of knowledge and understanding about what we do in the general public.  It’s hard for those that don’t live on the water or are involved in fishing/boating to understand the impact invasive aquatic weeds can have on a waterbody because they don’t […]

Eradication of Invasive Aquatic Weeds, Can it Happen?

This is often a topic our clients ask us about when they undertake a control program focusing on Eurasian Milfoil or one of the other invasive plant species that plague their lakes. At last week’s Western Aquatic Plant Management Society Meeting ( Kathy Hamel of the Washington Department of Ecology presented an interesting paper on this subject. She highlighted a number of successful eradication efforts that have been conducted in Washington State. Our firm was responsible for the implementation of most of those programs.

Beware Golden Algae

One of the more alarming issues I have seen lately at national and regional lake and aquatic plant management meetings is the expanding problem of Golden Algae.  Prymnesium parvum is the scientific name of this species of single celled aquatic plants.  This algae produces a toxin that is extremely deadly to fish.  When conditions allow […]

On the Road Again

The Western Aquatic Plant Management Society ( meeting will be held in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho this coming Sunday through Tuesday.  This group is the regional chapter of the national Aquatic Plant Management Society (  It is one of the key meeting we attend each year to keep our people on the cutting edge of our […]