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Good Article on our Lake Ketchum Restoration Project

Aquatechnex has an ongoing contract to support the Snohomish County Surface Water Management Department in the Restoration of Lake Ketchum.  This lake just north of Seattle and Everett has been classified as one of the most degraded lakes in the state and was suffering from regular toxic algae blooms.  Aquatechnex was selected as the most […]

Excellent New Video of our Canyon Lake Phosphorus Mitigation Project

The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority has developed a short video that highlights our Alum Treatment Project at Canyon Lake, you can view that at this address.  Canyon Lake Alum Treatment Video

Washington Department of Ecology is accepting comments on New NPDES Permit

Aquatic weed and toxic algae control is governed in Washington State through an NPDES permit.  This permit renews every five years or so.  The public has until December 18th to submit comments on this document for their consideration.  This is a very easy thing to do, first go to this link Once you are […]

Good Article on our work at Ketchum Lake

Ketchum Lake has been one of the more prolific algae toxin producing lakes in the state of Washington.  Aquatechnex biologists were brought in to implement an ALUM treatment program that focused on sequestering phosphorus.  This project has been very successful.  For additional information on this project and results go to the County Web Site at […]

Canyon Lake Phosphorus Project is Deemed Successful

This article appeared in the local Newspaper summarizing the work we have been doing at Canyon Lake.  This project is helping them deal with TMDL limits on Phosphorus in the lake.

New T.R.U.E Aquatic Herbicide Delivery System

Introduction For a number of decades it has been understood that weighted drop hoses are one of the better ways to deliver liquid aquatic herbicides within the water column. The key to a successful treatment is to understand the concentration exposure time relationship for the herbicide selected and the target plant, and then to deliver […]

The Management Trust selects Aquatechnex as Trusted Partner

The Management Trust is a leading national community association management firm that specializes in serving condo associations and homeowner associations across the United States. With a combined 150 years experience, we are committed to providing the very best customer service to those that work with them. Trusted Partners is a risk management and sales development […]

New Herbicide Application Technology Helps Comply with NPDES

The advent of the NPDES permit program brings with it a need to deliver the control necessary while looking for ways to advance technology to do more with less herbicide.  This has been a key mission of aquatic applicators and Aquatechnex has developed a breakthrough technology in this regard. The Targeted Rate Uniform Exposure (TRUE) […]