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Aquatechnex adds Cattail Bulrush Control System

Cattails and bulrush communities can be a beneficial component of your lake or pond ecology.  When left unchecked however, they can form dense monocultures that produced excessive amounts of plant biomass each fall.  This biomass if left unchecked will begin to fill in the lake and if left alone too long can result in needing […]

Lake Mapping

Aquatechnex has an active lake mapping program that can benefit lake managers in a number of ways.  A bathymetry map allows you to understand the volume of water, the shape of the lake bottom and locate any hazards to navigation such as shallow bars.  An aquatic plant biovolume map can show you the the shapes […]

New HAB/Toxic Algae Monitoring and Response System

Aquatechnex biologists have deployed the first of many algae monitoring buoys for our clients in Southern California.  This system measures a number of water quality parameters and reports via onboard cellular system every 15 minutes.  Two of the key parameters measured are Chlorophyll a with provides a measure of algae biomass and Phycocyanin which is […]

Eurasian Milfoil in Seattle Lakes, A new solution

Eurasian Milfoil has plagued Seattle area waterways for decades.  Our team at Aquatechnex has successfully dealt with this invasive aquatic weed for a number of years under permits from the Washington Department of Ecology.  There are a number of legacy aquatic herbicides that are selective for Eurasian Milfoil, they can target that plant while not […]

First Full Year with Procellacor Herbicide in the Books

In mid summer of 2019, the Washington Department of Ecology added Procellacor herbicide to our state’s permit and to date the results have been stunning.  We have delivered close to 100 percent control in all cases where we have applied it. Procellacor is a product that was registered by the US EPA as a reduced […]

Good Article on our Lake Ketchum Restoration Project

Aquatechnex has an ongoing contract to support the Snohomish County Surface Water Management Department in the Restoration of Lake Ketchum.  This lake just north of Seattle and Everett has been classified as one of the most degraded lakes in the state and was suffering from regular toxic algae blooms.  Aquatechnex was selected as the most […]

Excellent New Video of our Canyon Lake Phosphorus Mitigation Project

The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority has developed a short video that highlights our Alum Treatment Project at Canyon Lake, you can view that at this address.  Canyon Lake Alum Treatment Video

Washington Department of Ecology is accepting comments on New NPDES Permit

Aquatic weed and toxic algae control is governed in Washington State through an NPDES permit.  This permit renews every five years or so.  The public has until December 18th to submit comments on this document for their consideration.  This is a very easy thing to do, first go to this link Once you are […]