• Fountains, Aeration & Nanobubble Systems

Aquatechnex is a supplier of fountains, aeration, and nanobubble systems for your lakes and ponds.  Prior to designing a system for your lake, our team will utilize hydro-acoustic mapping technology to build a bathymetry map, calculate water volume and locate and quantify organic sediment deposits.  With that information in hand we can design a system to improve water quality through the addition of oxygen throughout the water column.

Aquatechnex Provides the Best Fountains, Aeration, and Nanobubble Systems

Aquatechnex is a distributor for Moleaer Nanobubble systems.  Nanobubble generators are a new and game-changing technology to improve lake water quality and manage algae.  The nanobubble generator is installed on the lake edge, connected to power, pumps lake water through the nano-bubble generator, and injects it back into the lake. These systems produce a microscopic bubble that is not buoyant, they are discharged into the lake and move throughout the water body.  As they contact the lake sediments they burst and deliver oxygen to support aerobic (beneficial) bacteria and help create chemical reactions that lock phosphorus in the sediments.  In the water column, they meet algae cells and attach, then burst causing an oxidation reaction that kills the algae cells and also oxidizes toxins that might be present.  Aquatechnex can design a system that will provide algae management as well as improve water quality.  When paired with Algaetracker buoys we can remotely manage your lake algae problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Nanobubble systems can also be used to provide oxygen below the thermocline and not disrupt that layering effect, this can provide a cool water zone for fish.

Aquatechnex is a distributor for Kasco Marine and AquaMaster lake aeration systems.  Diffuser aeration technology has for decades improved water quality.  These systems have a compressor system that injects air through a number of diffusers situated on the lake bottom. They are an extremely cost-effective way to insure dissolved oxygen presence throughout the water column.  We use our bathymetry maps created for the project to determine the placement of diffusers in the lake for maximum effect.  We then order and install these systems and provide annual maintenance.

Fountains, Aeration, and Nanobubble Systems Best Suppliers

Aquatechnex is a distributor for Kasco Marine and AquaMaster fountains and fountain aeration systems.  Fountains can add beauty and provide water quality improvements for your lake or pond.  These systems have spray patterns that attract the eye and provide an appealing visually as you look over your lake.  They also can come with lighting systems that are attractive at night.  The lighting systems can come with and controllable and changeable color pallet that you can control from shore.  Fountain aeration systems also are extremely effective in improving water quality in shallow lake systems.