Eurasian Milfoil in Seattle Lakes, A new solution

Lake Wilderness, milfoil free for a number of years thanks to Aquatechnex

Eurasian Milfoil has plagued Seattle area waterways for decades.  Our team at Aquatechnex has successfully dealt with this invasive aquatic weed for a number of years under permits from the Washington Department of Ecology.  There are a number of legacy aquatic herbicides that are selective for Eurasian Milfoil, they can target that plant while not impacting beneficial native aquatic plants.

This past year, we have had access to Procellacor, a new technology to target and remove Eurasian Milfoil.  Procellacor is selective for Eurasian Milfoil and some other invasive aquatic plant species.  What makes it unique is that it has an extremely fast plant uptake time.  Aquatic herbicides have to be in the water around the target weeds long enough for them to receive a lethal dose.  The longer the plant uptake time, the higher the probability that factors such as dilution, currents, wind and boat action reduce the products in the weed beds.  Procellacor uptake is extremely rapid and we have been able to successfully treat milfoil growth in flowing water situations.

In addition, Procellacor has very limited impact on water use.  Some herbicides require a 24 hour swimming restriction and long periods where water from the treatment area can not e used for irrigation.  Procellacor has been approved by the US EPA and Washington Department of Ecology for use without any restriction on water use for potable supply, swimming, fishing or irrigating Turf Grass.  There is a short window for irrigating other ornamental plants.

If your lake community is interested in getting a handle on Eurasian Milfoil, we can help.  We can design a treatment protocol that will provide long term relief from this problem invasive plant.  Aquatechnex is Pro Certified to design and apply Procellacor throughout the Western United States.

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