New Herbicide Application Technology Helps Comply with NPDES

Limiting the number of hoses and deliver points means that the herbicide load has to dilute quite some distance within the weed column to be effective

The advent of the NPDES permit program brings with it a need to deliver the control necessary while looking for ways to advance technology to do more with less herbicide.  This has been a key mission of aquatic applicators and Aquatechnex has developed a breakthrough technology in this regard.

The Targeted Rate Uniform Exposure (TRUE) application system allows us to deliver liquid aquatic herbicides within the portion of the water column (the weed column) infested with target invasive aquatic weeds.

In recent years longer trailing hose systems have helped to better deliver herbicides in deeper water plant communities.  The one drawback of that system however is that using 2 hoses the entire herbicide load for a large cross section of the weed column is placed in two small lines about the size of a dime, the herbicide then has to dilute up to 10 feet vertically and 15 feet horizontally.  This can lead to un-uniform herbicide distribution within the weed zone, and can necessitate the need to apply more herbicide than necessary.

The TRUE system utilizes microjet technology at from 18 to 25 injection points within the weed column to delivery uniform herbicide rapidly

The TRUE system utilized 6 long drop hoses with TEEJET Microjet technology.  Smaller herbicide orifices are spaced at two foot intervals along each drop hose.  This allows the herbicide to be placed in the water column through 18 to 24 individual microjets.  As establishing a uniform rate within the weed bed is critical, this system helps by placing the herbicide both vertically and horizontally at significantly more locations.  The herbicide only has to move 1 to 2 feet before it overlaps with the next jet and the weed column is rapidly filled with the correct rate.  This provides the capability to reduce the amount of herbicide placed in the weed column while still delivering the uniform exposure required for control.

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