EPA is Closing in on Ruling Puddles are Navigable Waters, NPDES permits required

The EPA is very close to issuing a rule that would reclassify navigable waters of the US down to ditches and puddles.  While protecting water quality is a critical mission, this will subject property owners to a number of new laws, regulations and fees.  For example, a backyard pond now exempt from regulation under the Clean Water Act would now require an NPDES permit for the home owner to treat aquatic weed or algae, something that costs up to $2000.00 for the permit annually.  It also subjects all of these waters to citizen lawsuits, anyone can sue them for any action they think impacts water quality.  This is regulatory overreach and has the potential to have a significant impact on all.  Please review this and talk to your representatives.

Thank you for your consideration, http://ditchtherule.fb.org/

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