Canyon Lake TMDL Project Starting to Show Results

Aquatechnex biologists have been working under a contract for 2013-2015 to target and remove phosphorus from Canyon Lake in Southern California.  Canyon Lake is a 400 acre reservoir and recreational facility and has been impair by high levels of algae growth.  This resulted in the State setting targets to reduce phosphorus availability in the lake.  Algae are single celled organisms and have to obtain the nutrients they need from the water column.  Removing phosphorus reduces the carrying capacity of the lake to produce algae.

The first two of five planned treatments have been performed on the lake.  While phosphorus numbers have been coming down, the results in terms of water clarity are starting to appear.

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Secchi disk transparency has been less than 1 foot many times throughout the past few years. Clear water to the bottom in 5 foot depth CLear water around the Island Fish visible for the first time
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