Aquatechnex Biologists Start Lake Stevens Nutrient Inactivation Project

Alum application to Lake Stevens to capture phosphorus

The Aquatechnex Washington Team began treated Lake Stevens, Washington with Aluminum Sulfate yesterday to reduce phosphorus pollution in that system.  The 900 acre lake is the largest lake in Snohomish County and is a important recreational resource.  A Clean Lakes Program Grant some years ago funded the placement of a hypo-limnetic aeration system in the lake.  This system failed after years of service recently and the City and County needed to find alternatives to combat potential toxic cyanobacteria blooms that have been an issue in the lake in the past.  (see

The team was faced with moving and applying 55,000 gallons of Alum to the lake within a short time frame to minimize impact on lake users.  Two 30 foot converted Bayliners designed to hold 500 gallon tanks were deployed to the lake,  these boats were equipped with precision application guidance systems.  They were able to move to the application track, apply their load rapidly and return for the next load at 30 miles per hour, something that’s important for turn around.

The project should last through Friday June 7th and will involve 14 tank trucks of material precision applied to the lake.  The $96,000.00 project should provide relief through the summer.  This contract is ongoing for the next few years and monitoring/treatment response will protect lake users.

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