SePRO Preferred Applicator

SePRO Corporation is the leading provider of lake management tools.  They continue to advance the science through research and development.  This results in new tools for combating invasive aquatic weeds and toxic algae regularly.

Aquatechnex is qualified as one of the few SePRO Preferred Applicators in the nation.  This qualification means our team members receive significant training and support from this organization.  We are involved in the pre registration evaluation of new aquatic herbicides and algaecide or phosphorus mitigation technologies.  This means we have a superior knowledge of how these tools work in the real world before they come to market.  We also have access to their world class laboratory and scientists when we need help or support.

This past year SePRO brought a number of new technologies to market that have benefited our clients.  SeCLEAR is a combination algaecide and phosphorus sequestering technology.  We have used this extensively in the pond market to lower the number of treatments necessary to control problem algae.  Oasis, Clearcast and Galleon herbicides are new aquatic plant management tools that help us deal with the most problematic invasive aquatic weeds with a much lower impact on water users.  SeMAPS is a cloud based mapping and assessment tool that helps our field biologists rapidly characterize and map new situation we encounter.

Make sure you look for the Preferred Applicator Certification when you look to manage your lake or pond system.  It means you are bringing experts and expert technology to bear on your problem.

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