Aquatechnex Biologist Received Professional Certification from NALMS

The North American Lake Management Society’s Professional Certification Program qualified Aquatechnex Biologist Terry McNabb as a Certified Lake Manager or CLM this past month. He joins four other professional lake managers with this designation in the Western United States.

The North American Lake Management Society’s mission is to forge partnerships among citizens, scientists, and professionals to foster the management and protection of lakes and reservoirs for today and tomorrow.

The Certified Lake Manager (CLM) and Certified Lake Professional (CLP) program has been established to aid this mission through the identification of individuals who have exceptional training and experience in lake management, thereby establishing themselves as valuable participants in the mission of NALMS.

A lake manager or professional is a person who is directly involved in the comprehensive management of a pond, lake, reservoir or other bodies of water and its watershed and makes decisions which affect the quality and uses of the body of water. This person will be primarily responsible for implementing appropriate measures and/or for making recommendations to the governing management body.

A certified lake manager or certified lake professional is an individual who has satisfied the NALMS requirements intended to properly prepare that person to perform the above duties with maximum competence. CLMs/ CLPs establish themselves as both knowledgeable and experienced professionals by meeting the requirements.

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NALMS Certified Lake Professional Terry McNabb discusses restoration efforts with Idaho State Officials
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