Washington Lakes Protective Association (WALPA) Meeting Next Week

The Washington State Lakes Protective Association meeting will be held in Wenatchee, Washington from October 24th thru the 26th.  This meeting is always an informative gathering of lake managers and interested parties each year.  This year Aquatechnex biologists will be presenting two papers at the meeting.  The first will focus on Phoslock, a new phosphorus pollution mitigation technology.  That paper will discuss our four years of experience with this material and the first applications in Washington State this past summer.  The second paper will focus on new technologies to manage Eurasian Milfoil.  This noxious weed has plagued waters in Washington State since the 1970’s.  A number of new technologies have been developed to target this plant and they will be presented in detail.  For those interested, go to www.walpa.org to view the conference details.

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